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Ax-ium’s Mission Statement

iconBe kindiconExperience lifeiconGiveiconForgiveiconBe GraciousiconThe world needs more of doing the right thingiconThe world needs more of a business doing the right thing!!iconLess Concentration of pay at the top.iconMore taking care of ALL employees.iconMore taking care of everyone.

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Welcome to the Ax-ium experience.

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We understand that you need to make the most of your dollar.

“It’s simple. We want you to save money, have a single resource for all your teaching and school supply needs, and be Happy. All while providing great customer service.

- Gaurav and Dave -


Teachers give so much

The teachers are a gift in the life of students, who through his knowledge, patience, love, and care gives a strong shape to students' whole life.

In this world, the teacher's profession is considered as the best and ideal profession because teachers selflessly serve in making one's life. Her/his dedicated work cannot be compared to any other work. Teachers are those who take care of all their students.

Teachers are never bad, it is just their way of teaching which is different from each other and makes them different in the mind of the students. Teachers only want to see their students happy and successful.

We love you students

You have so much potential and are our future. You deserve every available tool in order to explore, create and excel your way through your learning adventure.

There is so much fun ahead of you. You will have many great times as you write your story through life.

Enjoy this time and make the most of every experience you have along your path.